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Carnival of Rethymno Program 2014

Carnival of Rethymno Program 2014


The detailed program of 2014

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Carnival of Rethymno 2013

Carnival of Rethymno 2013


Rethymno 2013


The official video clip of Rethymno's Carnival.

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Since 1914 beautiful Renaissance Rethymnon has been celebrating the carnival with its many humoristic events. A carnival of another era leaving behind its nostalgic aroma of romantic balls and the Rethymnians through laughter and their comical antics paying their tribute to "His Excellence, The King of the Carnival."

The Treasure Hunt, an old custom dating back to when the Carnival of Rethymno began about a century ago, was the reason for the creation of 'teams' in 1990, which would give birth once again to this age-old tradition.

In 1993, the Municipality of Rethymnon decided to help fund this popular event and requested the teams to take on the challenging task of creating and organising the Carnival of Rethymnon, which has become the most popular and famous Carnival of Crete!

The Organizing Committee of the Carnival welcomes you:

Pepi Mpirliraki - Mamalaki, Sara Nickolson, Giannis Kokkas, Stelios Sampson, Manos Palafoutis, Giannis Dramilarakis.

Sector managers:

Agioutakis Manolis, Alexakis Christos, Andreadaki Eirini, Anifantaki Marieli, Vamvakas Kostas, Vasilaki Eleni, Gavras Kostas, Dilinta Natassa, Drandakis Giannis, Iliakis Kostas, Kirianis Giorgos, Kelarakis Thodoris, Klapsinos Petros, Markantonis Nikos, Michalas Nikos, Moldovanidi Charietta, Nikolaou Grigoris, Papadosifos Giorgos, Patsachaki Eleni, Pediavitakis Giorgos, Piskopakis Leonidas, Plaitis Akis, Saitakis Giannis, Skarvelis Giannis, Starakis Michalis, Stavroulakis Thanasis, Terzis Vaggelis, Tzekaki Athina, Tsakonas Manos, Tsourlakis Vaggelis, Fanourgakis Pantelis, Fraggiadaki Stefania, Fotaki Maria, Chasikos Giorgos, Chompis Valantis.

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Schedule of events

The full details of the events will be shortly published in this page. Stay tuned...

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